Introducing the Stone Forest Gorge (Shilinxia)

Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge, Shilinxia in Chinese, is a scenic area about 70 kilometers to the northeastern of Beijing which covers an area of 12 square kilometers. It obtained its name from its straight and steep mountains which look like a stone forest. Shilinxia is generally divided into two parts, eastern and western, and both of them contain breathtaking views. When visitors look from afar, the majestic stone forest might give them the sense of solemnity. There will be one attraction on every step within Jingdong Shilinxia. Anyway, throughout all these spots, there are five spots which is awarded as the top five attractions within this scenic area.

1.Jiutian Feipu (Heaven Waterfalls)

Jiutian Feipu (Heaven Waterfalls) is a four-tier waterfall which cascades down over 120 meters which its rumble can be heard even in quite a distance from the waterfall.

2. Lingtan Lianzhu (The Pools)

There are a dozen of pools which never dry throughout the years that form the gorge of Jingdong Shilinxia. All the pools are blessed with different shape and characteristic where some are shallow and some are deep. But all of them are blessed with serenity and peaceful surrounding.

3. Xiaxian Youshen (The Gorge)

The six kilometers gorge itself is also a fantastic creation of God. The narrowest point throughout the gorge is about three meters width only. When you walk between these narrow lanes within the gorge, you will feel how tiny a human being is when you are facing the mother of nature.

4. Gigantic Rocks

The gigantic rocks, some with weight over 1000 tons are another attractions throughout the scenic area. The huge rocks are set at various pose at everywhere here. You may find some of them standing high above the cliffs and perhaps some are lying in the middle of walkways as well. This rocks have offering the best resting point for visitors as when you are tired, just take some rest sitting on it to be recharged.

5. Hanging Cypress Tree

A great number of cypresses can be found growing out of the tall and steep cliffs of the mountain. When you look from bottom, all these cypresses seem like hanging on the cliff side. Perhaps, this is a commonly seen image of classical Chinese paintings but when you are here, you can see the real hanging cypress tree by your own.

Featured Spots

Shilinxia Sky Road Observation Deck

Located at Shilinxia Scenic Area, the newly opened “Sky Road Observation Deck” is about 768 meters above sea level. It is the largest viewing platform in the world which covers an area of 415 square meters. The glass platform is totally transparent and “hanging” in the sky. It is on the peak of the Longwangding, the highest peak in the Shilinxia scenic area. The platform is 32.8 meters long, 11.4 meters longer than the viewing bridge at Grand Canyon. The main frame of the platform is made of titanium, and the glass is an alloy material that is strong enough to hold much more people than the maximum 200 at one time. There is glue between the three layers of glass which means it is still safe to stand even when all the layers of glass are broken. As the biggest Observation Deck in the world, the Shilinxia Platform makes it possible for tourists have the most exciting and fascinating view of the Jinhai Lake and Panshan Mountain in Tianjin. In the evening, people can even see the lights of downtown Beijing.

Opening Hours

07:30 - 18:00


Entrance Fee: ¥ 78

Cable Car: ¥ 100 (One Way)

Glass Platform: ¥ 40


Stone Forest Gorge, No.73 Diaowo Village, Huangsongyu County, Pinggu District, Beijing



100 KM

Getting There

It's better to book a private car, cab drivers normally don't go there

Travel Tips

Closed in Winter, please call to confirm it is open before you go there (86 010 69986112)

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