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Introducing the China National Museum

The National Museum of China is located at the east side of Tiananmen Square which was formerly called the Museum of Chinese History and Museum of Chinese Revolution. It is 313 meters long, 149 meters wide and 40 meters high, covering an area of 69,000 square meters. The building was one of the “Ten Great Constructions” completed for the 10th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China in 1959. After four years’ renovation and expansion, the new National Museum reopened on Apr. 1st, 2011 which is the largest museum in the world. There are altogether 48 exhibition rooms in the new National Museum, ranging from 700-2000 square meters. The rooms of Ancient China and Road to Rejuvenation are the main basic exhibitions. There are nearly 3,000 historic relics from Yuanmou Man (1,700,000 years ago) to the abdication of the Qing Emperor in 1912 on display in ten exhibition halls. The modern and contemporary revolutionary relics since the First Opium War in 1840 to the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 are also displayed in nine exhibition halls. There are also a variety of thematic exhibitions in the National Museum, such as the Arts of bronze, porcelain, jade, Chinese calligraphy and paintings, Buddhist statues, Ming and Qing furniture and coins etc.

Featured Spots

Famous historical relics on display

There are many famous historical relics on display in the National Museum. Among them, the oldest exhibit is the teeth of Yuanmou Man 1.7 million years ago; Simuwu Ding is the biggest piece of bronze ware (832 kg) in China which is also used in the emblem of the National Museum; the 34.5kg bronze Four Ram Zun Vessel of the Shang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty Tricolor Pottery with Musician and Dancing Figures on the Camelback; the Jade Garment with Gold Thread for the deceased emperor and nobility of the Han Dynasty etc.

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Close on Mondays

09:00 –17:00


Entrance Fee: Free


No.16 East Chang'an Avenue, Dongcheng district, Beijing




Getting There


Line 1 Tiananmen East Exit D

Line 2 Qianmen Station Exit A



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Individual visitors could get free tickets from West Gate

(Passport needed)

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