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Introducing the City Planning Hall

The Beijing City Planning Hall, official name Beijing Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, is located in the southeast corner of the famous Tiananmen Square. Opened to the public on Sep.9th, 2004, it is one of the AAAA scenic spots in Beijing. The Beijing City Planning Hall was rebuilt on the basis of the former well-known Front Gate Shopping Mall. Since its opening, it has received more than 4 million visitors from home and abroad, including the paramount leaders in China and dignitaries from more than 90 countries. The Beijing City Planning Hall is one of the best places to know the long history of Beijing, which showcases the great achievements of Beijing urban planning construction, as well as the future development. For example, because there used to be a height limit on the buildings in Beijing, so virtually there are very few skyscrapers in city. The highest building in Beijing right now is only 330 meters high and located in CBD. A new building called China Tower is being built in CBD now, which is going to be 528 meters in height. Visitors could see its model on the second floor of the Exhibition Hall. With a floor space of 16,000 square meters and exhibition area of 8,000 square meters, the 4-storey Exhibition Hall is also playing a role as the patriotism-education base as well as a platform for the international experts and scholars to exchange ideas.

Featured Spots

Beijing Gulf Copper Sculpture

Located on the first floor, the Beijing Gulf Cooper Sculpture shows the geographic features of the small gulf-like plain of Beijing surrounded by mountain ranges on its three sides. It is 263 cm long, 205 cm wide, 157 cm high and semi-circular in shape. At the same time, the main transportation routes like the 2nd and 3rd ring roads, as well the rivers are also clearly marked on it. In order to make it easy to tell, the reservoirs in Beijing are marked in yellow. Visitors could get a vivid and clear understanding of the geographic feature of Beijing.

Old Beijing Bronze Relief

On the second floor and nearby the escalator, a bronze relief of Old Beijing is hang on the wall which is 1:1000 of the real size of Beijing in 1949. It is 9 meters long and 10 meters wide with a weight of 10 tons. The bronze relief shows the layout and features of urban Beijing in 1949. There are some iconic buildings in Beijing that could be easily recognized by visitors, like the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City and Hutongs. It is also the largest bronze relief in China.

Model of Beijing City Planning

The Model of Beijing City Planning is located at the east corner of the third floor which occupies a huge space. It is the highlight of the whole exhibition hall and the most popular place with visitors. It was built in the ratio of 1: 750 of urban Beijing within the 4th ring road, which took over 200 people half a year. The Model of Beijing City Planning shows the future planning of the modern Beijing as well as the present old Beijing. Most the visitors would try to find their own house on the model. In order to make it easy to see, there are 14 binoculars available for tourists.

Beijing City Cultural Preservation

It is a documentary played in a small theatre located in the traditional courtyard house on the fourth Floor. Sitting on some traditional benches, visitors will enjoy the planning and preservation achievements of the 40 cultural preservation spots in Beijing, as well as getting a thorough understanding of the Beijing Old City cultural restoration through the movie. During the last 30 years, the Beijing Municipal Government has demolished a large portion of old Beijing, mainly Hutongs. It is like a dilemma, the city needs higher buildings to accommodate more people. At the same time, we need to protect the history of Beijing. That is why the government selected some most typical parts of old Beijing and put them under special preservation which means they will never be torn down for whatever reason.

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