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Thank you for visiting Wikibeijing, a website designed by some of the experienced tour guides in Beijing. Over the last ten years, we have seen numerous foreigners exploring Beijing by themselves with a guide book. And we have noticed that they still have to ask for help occasionally even with the latest guide book which is caused by the inaccurate or obsolete information. If people search Beijing on the Internet, there is tons of information on Beijing. But most of them are either fragmental or too much information to read for travelers who just want to see Beijing. That is the main reason we designed Wikibeijing which is going to help travelers get a basic understanding of Beijing, thus to find out exactly the things they are interested in seeing. For some individual travelers who are planning to explore Beijing on their own, Wikibeijing could even serve as a detailed guide book.

Apart from the general introduction to the scenic sights which is easy to find on the internet, we put more information on the sub-sights and history behind them. Actually language barrier is the biggest obstacle for most of the individual travelers. That is why we put both English and Chinese to help travelers taking a taxi, finding a restaurant as well going to the right entrance of the sights. Instead of putting many restaurants, we just selected a few best-known or most popular ones for each of the typical cuisine in Beijing. There are also several most typical performances listed which are the masterpieces of Chinese performing arts. If you are unsure what kind of gifts or souvenirs to get, please check out the Handicrafts section. Most of the typical Chinese handicrafts are listed, some are typical all over China and others are unique to Beijing.

For travelers who want to make the most their time or get some interaction with the locals, there are also some organized tours available for selection.

What kind of Tour Guides we use

Wikibeijing only use experienced and licensed English-Speaking tour guides. Their information is available in the Private Guides section. There is a big difference between the Chinese and Western culture. Sometimes it is going to make some customers uncomfortable or even offended if the tour guide is not familiar with the western culture. That is why we only use the guide with years of experience working with foreign travelers and is capable of offering a pleasant and comfort touring experience.

What kind of Vehicles we offer

There are no shabby or vintage vehicles to be used in any tours organized by Wikibeijing. We only use the vehicles in good condition and licensed by the government to serve in the tourist industry. That means our vehicles would never be pulled away by the government which will significantly spoil the customers touring experience. Details on the model and brand of vehicles could be found in the Private Cars section. As for the driver, we only use the experienced and licensed ones who have been serving the foreign visitors for several years. Your safety is paramount to us.

What kind of restaurants we go

Instead of going to the tourist restaurants, we only go to the local clean restaurants. The tour guide is supposed to help choosing the right food for each customer. And going to the local restaurant is also a good opportunity to try authentic Chinese food and experience Chinese culture.

Are there any shopping stops during the tour

There are no shopping stops in any tours offered by Wikibeijing except the markets specified by some travelers. If any tour guide take you to do shopping without your specific consent, he would not be paid by Wikibeijing. You would get a compensation of his service fee once you notify us and the according action is confirmed.

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